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    ​Anderson ZurMuehlen uses CCH Axcess Document.  Because the retention period of a file is determined by the class and sub-class, it is easy to see how a user could inadvertently think they're saving a file permanently by simply saving it to the permanent ...

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    Terry - I think when you look it's showing you all returns filed in 2018.  Assuming you filed prior year returns in 2018, that is what you're seeing.  One would assume you'd see the number of returns by year, but they're only showing activity in 2018.  ...

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    Reading's Josh's recent blog post on Blockchain got me thinking about what role CPAs could play as this technology advances.  If you haven't read Josh's post I encourage you to block out some time and chain yourself to your computer to give it a read ...


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    MT Roots is the MSCPA’s private online member community and is one of our most extensive member benefits yet. MT Roots gives you the opportunity to:   Find and interact with members in a comprehensive member directory; Ask questions of your ... More

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