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    If you follow Lacerte's Version reporting, ​you may find that the problems you identified have been addressed.  I find when I report problems they usually respond well.  I see that the Social Security issue was supposed to be in the 39.0319 update. The ...

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    MDOR worked with me on a single elderly client for whom the social security add back computation was cone incorrectly.  She contacted Lacerte directly and the problem was supposedly addressed about three weeks ago.  Not sure what happened here. John ...

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    Greetings: Our firm has numerus Montana clients and clients in various other states. We subscribe, follow threads and participate in technical posts. It is great to be able to refer work, find experts and discuss a tax issues with other professionals. ...


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    MT Roots is the MSCPA’s private online member community and is one of our most extensive member benefits yet. MT Roots gives you the opportunity to:   Find and interact with members in a comprehensive member directory; Ask questions of your ... More

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